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  • €13,11

    Panasonic battery

    Rechargeable flat top 18650 battery. 3400mAh makes this battery one of the absolute best The cells are of the type; Liion 18650, 3400mAh, Pan...

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  • €27,18

    Nieload ™ S-mount IR damper bracket

    S-mount dimmer brackets now make it possible to mount IR lights on a muffler without the use of a lamp holder and do not leave a rail on your dimm...

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  • €183,72

    Download ™ LIR & LIR-S

    Nieload ™ LIR with steps and silent digital potmeter control from 0-100% Remote control included so you can turn on / off and adjust the volume....

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  • €44,94

    Digi-quad charger

    Digital 4 channel charger with mA, charging voltage etc. for each channel. This charger shows the state of your batteries. The charger is with...

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  • €75,81

    Nieload™ Sunshade

    Sunshade made of high quality aluminum ensures far better control over depth of field adjustment and protects the lens from rain and dirt. Fits ...

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  • €20,35

    IR holds fast

    1 "/ 30mm IR flashlight holder in aluminum. This holder seeks to allow the lamp to reach the mouth of the dimmer. Fits both TRI and SNL flashl...

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  • €20,35

    Picatinny rail

    Rail for mounting on 1 "or 30mm binoculars

  • Out of stock

    IR keeps adjustable

    1 "adjustable IR headlight holder in steel. Fits only the TRI lamp and other 1 "lamps

  • €13,66

    16gb SD card with adapter

    16GB micro SD card with adapter

  • €231,53

    Download ™ TRI2640

    Nieload ™ TRI2640 with with steps & silent digital potmeter control from 0-100% The lamp ensures the IR light of + 500m. The lamp has 3 functi...

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  • €101,77

    Rifle Optics Collimator

    Save the gunpowder when you need to deposit. This simple tool saves home many times in cartridge consumption. Fits: 4.5mm / 177 5.5...

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  • €34,01

    LRF cover / lamp mounting

    LRF protects with built-in headlight mounting Available for both 1 inch and 30mm headlights. NB! The SNL flashlight is 30mm. Take off and on...

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    SD card 64GB

    The Class 10 Ultra Micro SD card is perfect for your action camera or smart device. With transfer speeds of up to 80 MB / s, the card can easily re...

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  • Out of stock

    PCP filling kit

    Filling kit for bottle with 95cm reinforced hose. 300bar scale with DIN clutch that fits P15 filling nozzle. G5 / 8 thread fits in most bottle...

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  • €122,67

    Nieload™ SNL2125

    Nieload ™ SNL2125 with steps and silent digital potmeter control from 0-100% Remote control can be purchased so you can turn on / off and adjust...

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  • €74,99

    Nieload™ MDT Oryx chassis M-Lok rail

    Fits directly on the MDT Oryx chassis. Inc all screws and 5slot picatinny M-Lok rail Made in A7075

  • €37,56

    Picatinny rail til rembøjle

    Fæstner på alm rembøjle og tillader rem i snuden

  • €204,62

    Nieload ™ Picatinny bipod extender

    Moves the bipod far out so it takes far more influence from the shooter to move on the POA QR snap on / off NOTE! requires picatinny under the ...

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    Solar Powerbank 16000mAh

    With a charged Outdoor Solar Powerbank 16000 in your luggage, you are thus sure to always be able to charge your devices anywhere and anytime - wi...

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  • €27,18

    Nieload™ HIK Thunder & HIK Panther adapter

    The adaptor makes it possible to use all Nieload mounts with HIK Thunder and Panther sights Inc screws. Made in A7075

  • €13,66

    16gb SD card for game camera

    16GB micro SD card without adapter. Very stable for game camera