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Nieload™ YnX crosshair centering

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PARD NV008 crosshair centering kit.

Get the most out of your PARD 008P / L / LRF

With YnX you can have your crosshair 100% in the center of the screen.

PARD NV008 0-40MOA lateral adjustment on the X axis and 0-30MOA on the Y axis.

All screws included.

Here Kjeld shows how he mounted his YnX

NOTE! If your PARD is so early a model that it only has 2 holes in the bottom, you can not use YnX

Installation instructions:
1: Insert YnX on your PARD by passing one of the supplied screws through the assembly in the middle hole of the 5 holes in the PARD
2: Insert your X and Y axis on 0
3: Let the 4 quill screws touch the "stub" on the PARD
4: Insert the supplied 2 screws in hole 1 and hole 4

5: Shoot a shot

6: Correct on the 4 horizontal quill screws
7: If there is a need to correct on the Y axis, this is done by the umbraco screw in either the front or rear end, depending on the desired direction.

8: When the insert is satisfactorily centered, then give all 4 (5) quill screws a drop of locktite

NOTE In some cases it may be necessary to adjust the length of the supplied screws.