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PARD NV008P and P stand for the new 2020 OLED screen with PIP and TILT and much more which has made night vision goggles for all men with 008 / LRF due to the relationship between price and image quality.

Shooting binoculars has never been so easy. After the first shot, the NV008 takes a picture of the target and the shooter moves the reticle to where the bullet hit without having to hold the rifle still.

NV008 and NV008 can be purchased at Nieload with special mounts for: Tikka, Sako, Blaser and Weaver / Picatinny

Remember to buy charger, SD card, extra batteries

Requires permission!

Weight: 6xxg
Length: 18cm
Insert: 1 shot
IR: Built-in SD: micro SD up to 128gb
Color Sight: Red and Yellow
Sights: 6
Video Transmission: USB or WiFi
Optical Zoom: 6.5x Digital Zoom: 13x

Download your manual here