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Hunter 4G-940nm Game camera DK / EU version

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All you have to do to get started is:

1: insert the SIM card into the camera
2: insert SD card,
3: select image quality
4: enter the phone number or E-mail you want to receive the pictures on.

Then it will not be easier.

Go to NemSIM and order an M2M sim card

If you pick up the game camera at Nieload, we will set it all up for you while you are here free.

Intro price 2500, - ink solar cell

  • Danish menu with super easy automatic SIM setup
  • Wide angle lens 100 ° FOV 80 ° PIR angle.
  • 12MP / 1080P video
  • With 2 on / off timers
  • Images in 5/8 / 12MP
  • Ink solar cell with liion batteries
  • Via the MMS / 4G / SMTP / FTP function, the camera can send to 4 mobile phones + an infinite number of E-mail accounts