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Color: 940nm IR

NEW !!! (Your local hunting shop accepts pre-order now)
PARD NV007S Nordic
in the 2021 version with OLED screen is mounted on the back of the rifle binoculars with included bayonet mount.
The way the NV007S is mounted ensures that there is no point of change with and without NV007S mounted .

Supplied as standard with 48mm adapter in combination with the socket that fits on your rifle binoculars. Then choose the diameter in advance when you put the item in the basket.

Specifications :

Weight: 225
Length: 6cm
Insert: none
IR: built-in
SD: micro SD up to 128gb
Video transfer: USB or WiFi
Optical zoom: uses the binoculars zoom

Remember to buy charger, SD card, extra batteries

Requires permission!